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Vertigo, Dizziness And Balance Problems

treatment for vertigo Manchester
Dizziness is a general term used to describe a range of symptoms including vertigo, unsteadiness, lightheadedness, faintness, giddiness and balancing problems. Vertigo refers to the feeling like you are spinning, or that the room is spinning, all while you are indeed standing still. Unsteadiness refers to a sense of imbalance when walking, in other words, you feel unbalanced when walking. Feeling lightheaded means that you feel like you are about to faint.

These disorders, are usually caused by issues related to the inner ear, but can also be the result of conditions relating to the heart, blood, head or brain.

It is extremely important to see a specialist like Mr Ali as soon as you experience any form of dizziness so that the cause of the disorder can be identified. Mr Khalid Ali is a consultant ENT surgeon who has extensive experience in the management of dizziness, vertigo and balance problems. He has completed training in the treatment of dizziness at many UK centres of excellence as well as a fellowship in the USA.



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