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ENT Consultant Patient Testimonials

Deborah MacGregor
Ear drum perforation repair operation – Tympanoplasty

Dearest Mr Khalid Ali
I am writing to say thank you so very much.
You cannot know how you have changed my life for the better.
I have had partial hearing since I was a child and had a few surgeries, some that were very traumatising, attempting to correct it without success.
You and your team treated me with respect and a gentleness so heartwarming, your understanding of my anxiety about having simple procedures, like cleaning the tympanic membrane/ear canal, and the amazing surgery to repair the tympanic membrane is amazing (I apologise again for the tears of fear).
Before the surgery, I could not hear when someone called me or my colleagues asked me for an instrument and this has impacted on my ability to do my job. I could not hear my friends and family, having to ask them to repeat themselves only to be told... “it’s okay it doesn’t matter” or for members of the public to get frustrated with me. Deafness is an invisible disability and many people do not understand the difficulties it causes.
I have told everyone I meet how wonderful you are and the difference you and your team have made to my life. I wanted to tell you myself the impact your extraordinary skils, and professionalism has on your patients lives.

My respect and gratitude forever.
Holly M King
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

From the first consultation to my final check up, Mr Ali has always displayed a manner of professionalism I've not had before and has always been approachable and friendly in ensuring my Rhinoplasty surgery produced an excellent result which satisfied us both.
I was seen quickly for appointments and given a date for surgery quickly, and the aftercare and trouble Mr Ali went to to ensure I got the perfect result and recovery I cannot thank him enough for. My breathing is now excellent and the horrific bumps on my nose caused by previous breaks you would never have guessed I'd ever had.
Highly recommend; extremely professional and seen quickly, and ensures you are okay every step of the way.

Thank you once again Mr Ali for the amazing work you have done.
Paul Murray
Rhinoplasty Operation – Nose Job

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, Mr Khalid Ali, for the experience and of course the results.
My experience has been excellent from the first appointment up to the aftercare, and everything in between! I appreciate the time you made for me outside of our scheduled appointments to answer any questions I had.
As for the surgery, it went far more smoothly than I had anticipated, and the recovery time was remarkably quick; I have no doubt that this is down to your expertise.
I would definitely recommend Mr Ali to anyone who is interested in septo-rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty, and in my case both procedures in one session.
Joan Kunawicz
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery & Septoplasty

After several months of painful, recurring sinus infection, I consulted Mr Khalid Ali. Initial treatment with further medication did not solve the problem so he advised sinus surgery including septoplasty.
From my first consultation, Mr Ali impressed me as a caring and competent doctor in whom I could have confidence and I was happy to take his advice. Six weeks ago, I had sinus surgery at Spire Manchester Hospital and throughout that period have experienced nothing other than minor discomfort from time to time. I am now symptom free and feeling very well.
Thank you, Mr Ali.
David Coffey
Rhinoplasty Operation - Nose Job

I am writing in respect of my operation I have just had under the care of Consultant Surgeon Mr Khalid Ali. I was referred to Mr Ali by my local GP doctor, Dr Golatti from Albion Clinic Droylsden, who told me that Mr Ali was the best surgeon he knew for the procedure I was having which was a Septo-rhinoplasty operation.
Before my operation I had a badly bent nose, deviated septum and a very noticeable dent in one side of my nose. From the very beginning starting with my first consultation with Mr Ali, to my Post operation check up I can only say that my local doctor was correct when he told me Mr Khalid Ali was the best around.
I went in for the operation expecting that I would just be having my Septum sorted, but Mr Ali went above and beyond this with his expertise by sorting my deviated septum, straightened my nose to perfection and also removed the dent from my nose. I am still in recovery and have 1 more check up in 4 weeks but the difference the operation has had, both to my health including breathing etc and looks due to the perfect nose straightening which everyone is commenting on because of the noticeable difference is unbelievable.
I can only thank Mr Ali and recommend anyone who as the opportunity to be under his care to know they won’t get anyone better.
Thank you so much Mr Ali,
Bethany Robinson
Rhinoplasty Operation – Nose Job

I would like to start this by thanking Mr Khalid Ali and also his surgery staff for doing the nose operation and the hard work that they all put into making my nose just how it looks today and even going ahead with the surgery due to how complicated it was. Thank you so much for working on me for so many hours and making my nose look perfect,

I would like to thank Mr Ali for even touching my nose in the first place as without him I wouldn’t even be writing this. When I first walked into the hospital I was told by one of the ENT doctors that I couldn’t be touched due to my nose being so badly broken and disfigured. That's when I met Mr Ali who looked at my nose and even though it was bad, he was still willing to go ahead and his recommendation was to do a complicated procedure called an open approach septo-rhinoplasty, using the graft of cartilage from my ear to repair and support my nose.

I must admit I have never been so scared in my life to put so much trust into someone before, but honestly I really wouldn't look back to regret having such a big operation and the risks we all took by saying yes. I really thought my nose was at a point of no repair but Mr Ali used his time and expertise to give me a "life changing operation."

On the day of the operation, I never expected to wake up and see what I saw. I came out of surgery many hours later and went to see my family, who all looked shocked and were crying, so I began to say "Can I have a mirror so I can see what you’re all looking at." My mum passed me a mirror and even though you couldn’t see much apart from a bandage I knew I finally had the perfect nose I had waited so, so long for, I couldn't even keep the tears back.

Ever since I had this operation I have been so much more confident in myself with the way I look. I finally have a perfect nose, one that I have waited so long for and I really couldn’t be any happier with the results of the work that Mr Ali has achieved. I’m honestly so grateful to you Mr Ali.

My nose is so perfect and lovely and straight and I really would never have thought this would have ever been achieved, but I really do have Mr Ali and his wonderful team to thank.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.
Mary Anne McCready
Throat Operation

Dear Dr K Ali,
I wish to express my thanks for the care you have given me with regards to my throat problem. When I came to your clinic I did not know if the treatment would help me or my speech therapy sessions. But the scans and the surgery that you have performed seemed to have a very positive effect and my voice production has now improved. I can now speak with feeling I am putting stress or strain on it. It has given me confidence and people can now understand me better.
Thank you for your care, skills and especially your encouragement.
I wish you well in your very important profession and vocation.
With every good wish,
James H. McKinlay
Dear Mr Ali,

Just a quick note to thank you for all your efforts in restoring my voice problem. As you are aware, I suffered multiple strokes in October 2015 which affected my ability to speak with discomfort and dryness in my throat.

The operation Mr Khalid Ali performed on my vocal cords has been a great success and I can now drink, speak and eat with ease.

Thank you once again Mr Ali.
Saira Ali
A huge thank you to you, Mr Ali. My care and treatment for my Tonsillectomy operation was 100% wonderful.
Brian Saggerson
Dear Mr Ali,

I am writing to thank you for your perseverance and the effort shown by yourself during my recent 'FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)' procedure.

The improvement the operation has made to my daily life is truly immeasurable. My thanks and gratitude to your team and yourself, especially for the attention and care rendered to me throughout.
Paul Beswick
I am writing to you after receiving treatment at the Royal Oldham and Fairfield General Hospitals. It is prudent that I pass on my personal thanks to all staff involved in my treatment, in particular Mr Khalid Ali, who showed the utmost professionalism and care at all stages of my operation.

From the initial contact, through my GP right through to the operation and aftercare, the efficiency and level of care was excellent. Mr Ali ensured I was made fully aware of the procedure and risks of my surgery (Septorhinoplasty after a training injury) and was on hand at all stages to ensure I was made aware of what was happening. The ward staff were excellent at all times, even though they were extremely busy, and the levels of cleanliness were beyond reproach.

My experience at your hospitals was excellent all round. I would appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to all members of the team involved.
A.S Pritchard
I would like to thank and praise Mr. K.H.M Ali and all his staff at the E.N.T Department Outpatient for their care while undergoing tests on my throat.

They are a wonderful example of the NHS at the Pennine Acute Hospitals.

Once again thank you very much.
Mr David J Booth

Dear Mr Khalid Ali,

Please allow me to express my gratitude to you and your team based at the Royal Oldham Hospital and Fairfield Bury Hospital.

Your consultation led to a recommendation to have a Tympanoplasty, having suffered with ear infections most of my child and adult life due to a large ear perforation. The operation was deemed to be a success after being carried out at Fairfield by your good self.

Once again thank you

Mrs Jean Bowker
I am an 85 year old patient who required a consultation with a consultant in the ENT Department at the Manchester Hospital. The consultant I saw was Mr K Ali.

On entering the consulting room, I was met with a lovely smile from Khalid Ali and made to feel so comfortable and at ease. Throughout my nasolaryngoscopy procedure he was kind, gentle and reassuring.

We sometimes take our consultants, doctors and nurses for granted, but I would like the NHS Trust to know that Mr K Ali and his team are good, caring and polite. Mr K Ali is a most pleasant man.

We are very fortunate to have such a man caring for us in Manchester.
Miss Jennie Smith
To Mr Khalid Ali

Thank you so much for my “new” nose!

You did a fabulous job, I am very happy with it.

Kind Regards and Thanks
Mrs Pamela Wallace
The treatment provided by Mr Ali has been professional, caring and compassionate from the offset.

Anne-Marie Deignon
Berghitta Denise
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