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Rhinoplasty & Rhino Septoplasty

Rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure during which the nose is reshaped.

There are two main approaches to performing a successful rhinoplasty procedure.

The open technique involves making a small cut at the base of the nose which heals very quickly. This technique is mainly used to access the full structure of the nose in order to work over the dorsum and correct depressed-looking noses or to work on the tip of the nose as it allows for fine manipulation of the tip structures.

The closed technique involves working on the inside of the nose and can be used when less excessive or delicate reshaping is required.

Which method Mr Ali will use depends on the patient’s needs as well as what they require from the surgery.

Mr Ali is a highly experienced surgical consultant who has completed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures for both cosmetic as well as functional purposes. Therefore you can always trust him to provide unbiased advice and carefully executed procedures informed by his many years practising as a medical professional.

Before Nose Job
After Nose Job
Before Nose Job
After Nose Job
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