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Ear Infection Treatment

ear infection treatment Manchester
​​​​​​​Ear infections are a common, and can be an immensely painful, condition affecting both adults and children. The outer and middle ear are most vulnerable when it comes to ear infections. Ear discharge, earache, decreased hearing abilities, dizziness, tinnitus (hearing persistent noise in the ear) and fever are common symptoms of an ear infection.

The exact treatment provided depends on whether the cause of the infection is a viral or bacterial, and which part of the ear, outer, middle or inner, is affected. Most ear infections respond well to suction of the ears followed by a course of antibiotic drops or tablets. However, if you are experiencing many recurrent ear infections you may have an underlying systemic disease such as diabetes or low immunity. Therefore it is important to see an ear specialist, like Mr Ali, to investigate the cause of these infections.

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