Rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure during which the nose is reshaped.

There are two main approaches to performing a successful rhinoplasty procedure.

The open technique involves making a small cut at the base of the nose which heals very quickly. This technique is mainly used to access the full structure of the nose in order to work over the dorsum and correct depressed-looking noses or to work on the tip of the nose as it allows for fine manipulation of the tip structures.

The closed technique involves working on the inside of the nose and can be used when less excessive or delicate reshaping is required.

Which method Mr Ali will use depends on the patient’s needs as well as what they require from the surgery.

Mr Ali is a highly experienced surgical consultant who has completed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures for both cosmetic as well as functional purposes. Therefore you can always trust him to provide unbiased advice and carefully executed procedures informed by his many years practising as a medical professional.



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Cosmetic Treatments

In addition to having treated thousands of patients for ENT disorders, Dr Ali also specialises in performing a range of facial cosmetic procedures. He offers the same level of cutting-edge medical care to patients in need of cosmetic treatment as those being treated for ENT conditions.

Surgeon and ENT consultant Manchester, Liverpool and leeds. Cosmetic surgery and facial aesthetics operation.

Cosmetic Treatments offered:

  • Rhinoplasty & Rhino Septoplasty (Nose Job)
  • Cosmetic Ear Surgery or Pinnaplasty

  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Dermal Fillers

If you require cosmetic surgery and would like to speak to an ENT Consultant in Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds, please get in touch to book a consultation.

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Dr Khalid Ali surgeon and ENT consultant. Manchester, Liverpool and leeds. Mr Ali in his office.

Surgeon and ENT consultant Manchester, Liverpool and leeds. Mr Khalid Ali in operating room

About ENT Consultant in Manchester - Dr Khalid Ali

Dr Khalid Ali has been operating as an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant and surgeon for over 25 years. He works throughout North West England and Manchester treating both children and adults in all aspects of ear, nose and throat conditions and has particular interest in rhinology, functional endoscopic sinus surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Dr Ali has special interest in rhinoplasty (nose jobs) for cosmetic and functional needs. He has extensive experience in rhinoplasty surgery and has been performing for over 18 years, in both the open approach to address nasal tip cosmetic conditions and nasal bony part, and the closed approach.

Dr Ali has developed his skills in cosmetic ear surgery (ear pinning, pinnaplasty) and facial plastic surgery.

As a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Ali is very experienced in the diseases of the nose and sinuses, as well as a highly skilled consultant in performing functional endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal polyps and allergy. He is a member of the British Rhinology Society, and also the European Rhinology Society.

Dr Ali has completed postgraduate training at centres of excellence throughout the UK and abroad. He is recognised by the Fellowships of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (FCRS) in London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow as a qualified senior surgeon.

He has also completed a higher degree in the Fellowship in Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (FRCS ORL-HNS) in London, and the European Board Certificate (EBE ORL-HNS) in Vienna, Austria.

In 2018, Dr Ali was awarded the MD Degree (Doctor of Medicine) from the University of Leicester, for his achievement in medical research. This is the highest degree a surgeon can achieve.

He also completed a fellowship in dizziness, vertigo and balance conditions in 2009 at the Washington University Dizziness and Balance Centre, USA.

In 2005, Dr Ali obtained a masters degree in voice and swallowing disorders from Newcastle University and completed his fellowship in voice disorders in Portland, USA.

He is actively involved in the auditing, researching and teaching of both undergraduate and postgraduate doctors. He has also been invited to speak at several national conferences and courses along with many published peer-reviewed papers. He has also presented scientific papers at international conferences.

Dr Ali is fluent in both English and Arabic.

If you are seeking an ENT Consultant in Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds, please get in touch to book a consultation with Dr Ali.


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